In a tenancy agreement, the law does not allow the landlord to terminate tenancy arbitrarily. The essence of this is to prevent a situation in which the tenant becomes homeless as a result of a sudden eviction by the landlord.

Therefore, it is the case that, any landlord who wishes to terminate an existing tenancy is required by governing laws to give a ‘notice to quit property’ to the tenant in order to evict a tenant or initiate the termination of tenancy.

The duration of such a notice depends on what type of tenancy exists between the parties.

Listed below is a breakdown of duration of notice to be given for each type of tenancy in Lagos, Nigeria:

  1. Weekly Tenancy: a week notice
  2. Monthly Tenancy: a month notice
  3. Quarterly Tenancy: a quarter notice (3 months)
  4. Half-yearly Tenancy: a quarter notice (3 months)
  5. Yearly Tenancy: six months notice (6 months)

What type of tenancy exists is determined by the agreement between the parties to the tenancy. Where there is no express agreement as to type of tenancy that exists between them, the nature of tenancy will be determined by when rent is paid. Where rent is paid monthly, the tenancy is a monthly tenancy. Where rent is paid yearly, the tenancy is a yearly tenancy.

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