Securing Your Songwriting Credits: Legal Tips


You poured your heart and soul into that song, but will you get the recognition (and royalties) you deserve?


Songwriting credits determine who gets paid when a song is used. Proper credit ensures you receive your fair share of the financial rewards for your work. It also gives you the recognition you deserve as a creator. Songwriting is not  just about expressing yourself - it's your business!  Securing songwriting credits is crucial for both financial gain and professional recognition.


Always keep written records of your contributions. This could be lyrics, melody ideas, voice recordings, or even just detailed notes about the songwriting process. Date and timestamp everything! The earlier you document your involvement, the stronger your claim.


Proof is power in the music industry. Having a clear paper trail of your contributions will be crucial if there's ever a dispute about songwriting credits.


Use Split Sheets: When collaborating with other songwriters, don't rely on verbal agreements. Create a formal split sheet outlining the percentage of ownership each writer has for the song.This should be a signed document by all collaborators. Verbal agreements are easily forgotten or misinterpreted. A split sheet is a clear, written record that protects everyone involved.


Register your songs with a Performing Rights Organization (PRO). The major international PROs are ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC. These organizations track song usage and collect royalties from radio stations, streaming services, and other entities that play music publicly. Registering ensures you get your fair share of royalties when your song is used.


If there's a disagreement about songwriting credits, don't try to fight it alone! An entertainment lawyer with experience in copyright law can help you navigate the situation. They can negotiate a fair resolution or represent you in court if necessary. Disagreements about songwriting credits can get messy. An entertainment lawyer can be your advocate, ensuring your rights are protected and you get the credit you deserve.

Take control of your musical future by learning more about protecting your songwriting credits and securing the rewards you deserve.

...protecting your songwriting credits is essential for both financial gain and professional recognition.