Clauses To Look Out For In A Recording Contract


A recording contract is a vital tool for protecting both parties involved in an agreement. It serves as a legally binding document that outlines the rights and responsibilities of each party, providing a clear reference point in case of any disputes or disagreements.


Here, we have highlighted the important clauses to look out for in a recording contract by an Artist.


Ensure that you possess and own the copyright to your works. You must be in control of the use of your works too.


Watch out for the duration of the contract and the mode of terminating the contract. Carefully check to know whether another term is scheduled to start automatically after the first one.


You need to understand how you will be compensated. Royalties can be received from streams, licenses and other usage of your song. Advance is the money given to the artiste which is usually recoupable.


Check for the mode of distributing your songs. The obligations of the record label to facilitate the distribution and promotion of your songs must be ascertained.


Ensure that the mode of resolving conflicts is readily provided in the contract. It could either be through negotiation between the parties or through Mediation/Arbitration facilitated by a third party. 


The importance of hiring a music lawyer to review your contract documents cannot be overemphasized. Save your future and protect your creative freedom.

For instance, a musical work under section 51 of the Nigerian Copyright Act includes sheet music, beats, and lyrics. This definition underscores the importance of recognizing and safeguarding every aspect of a musical creation.